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buzzoside is a blog about all things vegetarian. My hope is to post articles in a quick-to-read format with links to additional and helpful resources. I aim to post articles that are informative, funny, and/or entertaining. Topics will range from nutrition to cooking to fun facts. I will add more to this description as the blog develops.

About the Author

My name is kader. I’m a web developer and a vegetarian of more than three years. I’m the only vegetarian in my family and circle of friends. This means I catch a lot of flack, but believe with all my fiber that vegetarianism is the right choice for me.

I’m not a guy that preaches a meat-free diet, but it is something that I’m passionate about. I initially became vegetarian on a trial basis because of some digestive problems. It became a permanent decision when my digestive problems all but disappeared.

After some research about the health, environmental, and animal rights benefits of my choice I knew it was something I would never give up. It became a moral choice and that’s why even the most articulate and convincing omnivore can’t convert me back.

I hope you enjoy buzzoside . Feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed using the link in the upper right corner to stay up to date with my posts here.